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Never Request backend to change
for UI Testing.

Use our Mock API solution to develop and test your UI more faster. Instead of waiting for backend to push.

Why do i need to use Mock API?

Devlop faster UI
Reduce dependency time
Distract less
Improves productivity

Ok,Why do i need to use Fakend Mock API?

Long Story Sort: Fakend made to make developer easier not compiler.

No Setup required
Payload Randomness
Paginate & Search
Private API with JWT
Easy Syntax with our uncle JSON

Ok, But tools like Fakend(all in one tool)
Will have less features than single tool, right 🐣?

May be other tools are like that, But not Fakend.

FeaturesFakend Mock serverPostman mock serverWiremockMockend
REST API - MockingYesYesYesYes
Mock GET MethodYesYesYesYes
JSON as ResponseYesYesYesYes
Random Data for APIYesNoYesYes
Random Data inside a list or objectYesNoNoNo
Response status testingYesYesYesYes
JWT validation for API RequestYesNoNoNo
Easy way of data mocking using JSONYesNoNoNo
Easy to configure & useYesNoNoNo
Production ready mock APIYesNoNoNo
Media upload mock API

Comming Soon


Comming Soon

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